Candidate for Washington Progressive Caucus Board Member at Large (Training)

I have retired early (62) to devote time advancing progressive values. Towards that goal I am announcing my candidacy for Progressive Caucus Board Member At Large (Training) . Now more than ever we need to have a strong and reasoned voice to challenge the fascist (not Alt. Right) and unending lies (not alternative facts) emerging from the Administration of Donald Trump. Progressives must be at the forefront of this battle and we must be ready. And we must be united.

I ran for Congress three times, gaining more support every time. I spoke facts, clearly explained my beliefs and called out the problems in our political system, including weakness of our own candidates. I received votes or at least respect of those I spoke with. And that includes the Left and the Right. Passion and honesty works. I was just being me. I understood the issues and spoke plain without pausing to tailor my response so as to not cost me any votes. If nothing else, people heard what I said (after they got over the shock that I was not going to pander to them).

With every opportunity we must engage people, both inside and outside of the party, like we are all running for office. We have to give a good counter to every executive order or outrageous comment that comes from the Trump administration, every politician (even ours) and all others. We are on the right side of the issues that matter to people. If we stick to the now, put aside the Hillary/Bernie Distraction that waste our time on infighting and make our case for a Progressive agenda, then strength from growing numbers will herald in the Rise of the Progressives. Trump himself will help turn the tide with his erratic behavior and the growing realization of his supporters that Trump  has sold us out to the corporations.

I am asking people who are “in good standing” (Paid up dues for 2016) to come and vote at the Progressive Caucus Reorg this Saturday. It is a really early meeting coming to order at 8:30 AM in Olympia. Even if you cannot vote still come. If we are to continue and advance progressive values we need boots on the ground. The Woman’s March enthusiasm needs to carry on in activism of all kinds. Lets pack this meeting. Let’s make Trump very, very Nervous.

I appreciate your activism and…your vote 🙂

Thank You,

Mike Lapointe

Please read the Questionnaire from my endorsement by the Washington State Progressive Caucus in the last election. it will help you see where I stand. Click Here